Javascript Port Scanner

Of course, you must enable javascript to use this scanner.

This system uses an xmlhttprequest object to launch a http request on a given host and port and waits a http response. With a little bit of javascript it's possible to make a scan on a range of ports or numeric dotted ip addresses . In addition you must tune the IE preferences :

  1. in IE options->advanced options-> disable native xmlhttp compatibility

  2. in IE options->security->internet->custom level-> allow data access for other domains

Scan hosts: scans a range of numeric dotted ip addresses ( like ) on the same port port and shows the http responses of the hosts. The time necessary for a standard failed response is 21 seconds , and so it's possible to detect a host up if time is lesser. In this case it's suggested ping the host or open a new tab with this location

Scan ports: scans a range of ports on the same host and show the http responses in the same way than scan hosts.

Ping host: launch only one request on the given port and host and shows the header and content of the response. It's possible to specify the method ( GET, POST, etc ) and the file for the request.

My ip address: launch one request on to detect my public ip address and fill up the host field.


  1. Fixed timing: launch one request each x seconds

  2. Random timing: all requests are launched randomly into a time window of x seconds

  3. Hide fails: does not show the requests that returns failed ( status 12029 ), tipically in 21 seconds

  4. Cancel scan: cancel pending requests, only for requests in queue

  5. Scan stats: show a little statistics about all requests

  6. Hide timeouts: does not show the request that returns timeout tipically in 300 seconds

  7. Sorted scan: if checked the pending requests are launched in order, otherwise randomized

  8. Graphics: shows the time results in a graphical mode ( don't expect 3D graphics! )

  9. Seek regexp: does a seek of regular expresions on the headers and content of the response and shows the result . It's better do it with global and case options checked

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