Javascript Port Scanner

Of course, you must enable javascript to use this scanner.

There is another system that only detects hosts up or down with a timeout system. This system try to load an image from a given host and port but if it is not possible in a given time it shows a message, but I think this is worse and with a lot of false positives. It works in Firefox and IE, but I think only is useful to detect hosts up but not ports open or closed. More info in Gnucitizen

Scan hosts: scans a range of numeric dotted ip addresses ( like ) on the same port port and shows the responses of the hosts.

Scan ports: scans a range of ports on the same host and show the responses in the same way than scan hosts.

Ping host: launch only one request on the given port and host and response.


  1. Fixed timing: launch one request each x seconds

  2. Random timing: all requests are launched randomly into a time window of x seconds

  3. Sorted scan: if checked the pending requests are launched in order, otherwise randomized

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